Exciting news! I am starting to write a new book that will celebrate Patsy Swayze. The book will primarily focus on her career: how she taught so many pupils to dance, but also taught them about life, how she became a dancer and choreographer, her accomplishments as a dancer and choreographer, and if possible some information regarding her childhood. Finally, I will include her connection with her children through dance.

Anyone who had contact with Patsy Swayze and would like to be interviewed for the book and/or has photos, please contact me via this website or facebook. The Swayze Foundation has given approval to me to write this book.

Anyone who is interested in participating will need to sign a release giving permission for the interview and/or photo to be published and agreeing for minor editing to be done. The interviews will be via phone and email. At this point in time, I anticipate that the book will be an ebook.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you.

Patrick Swayze: The Dreamer

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