Author Sue Tabashnik has written four books, including her latest, “Patsy Swayze: Every Day, A Chance to Dance.”

The 280-page book was released July 14 and is available on Amazon, Tabashnik’s website and other sites.

Swayze was an icon in the dance and performing arts world for decades as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer.

Her work includes founding the Houston Jazz Ballet, teaching at the University of Houston and choreographing for movies and the stage.

She inspired thousands of dance students, many of whom went on to become professionals in the performing arts, and instilled in all students a strong work ethic and values.

Swayze was most proud of her family and five children, including late actor Patrick Swayze, pictured with her on the new book’s cover. She opened her dance classes and heart to all students, regardless of race, economic or cultural background. She was philanthropic, too.

Swayze lived the last 32 years of her life in Simi Valley where she ran a dance studio. She also taught at Debbie Reynolds’ studio in North Hollywood.

A sizable number of the 29 interviewees in the book studied with her in Simi Valley and some also worked at her studio.

Jan Glasband, artistic director for Actors’ Repertory Theatre of Simi Valley, told the Simi Valley Acorn in 2013 that Swayze had done more for the Simi Valley arts community in 30 years than most people ever had.

“She helped to shape the concept of what the arts center means to the community and was always supportive of arts programs and dancers,” she said.

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