The book is impressive! Well done!!

Your book traces the experiences of the talented artists who were milestones in Patsy’s life and therefore in Patrick’s life. Above all, you trace the rise of Patrick’s career and his love for dance and acting and how it was impacted by his mother and mentor, Patsy. This is seen through the hearts and minds of those who loved Patsy and Buddy. And how that love fostered his own greatness. We are all products of those who have loved and respected us throughout our lives, and your book highlights the extraordinary men and women who were fortunate enough to share the spotlight with Buddy. 

These interviews are a lasting testament to the influence Patsy Swayze had on so many elements in the performing arts, giving life and passion to the men and women who revolutionized the stage, film and television industries, inspiring so many to be “the best they could be.” As is quoted from Jaclyn Smith about Patsy: “Thank you for pushing me. Thank you for making me understand the discipline of what a career is, in that: It isn’t just performing, it’s the homework you do and the everyday carry-through.”

My favorite phrase is: “Pasty gave love. In Abundance.” That was Patrick! By understanding her —as she is revealed to us so masterfully in these interviews—we understand Patrick! How also the most talented people of his generation saw him, his untiring passion making him comparable to Gene Kelly. 

I have been fortunate enough to work with many wonderful filmmakers in my career thus far. Some you may have heard of, others not. But they are all exceptional and timeless in their art. Vittorio De Sica, Sofia Loren, Roberto Rossellini and young Isabella, Richard Burton, Romy Schneider, Richard Harris, Trevor Howard, Kim Novak, Marlene Dietrich, David Bowie, Sean Penn, Martin Sheen, Karen Allen, Grace Jones, and even Tony Curtis at the end of his Billy Wilder heyday. And I am not just name-dropping unless it is to drop this one name: Patrick Swayze. Patrick is Truth. The cowboy’s need to survive at its purest. There was always palpable truth in his emotions even against the backdrop of Hollywood’s lies, deceptions, hypocrisy and false myths. Patrick is and has been for quite some time a genuine myth because he represents the humanity inherent in show business distilled to its essence. 

In all my career, I have never met such a dedicated and passionate human being on and off the set. And that is refreshing to say the least. Patrick Swayze is that miracle that comes along only once or twice in any given generation. It’s my privilege to love him. Oscar Wilde once said: “We are all in the sewer but some of us are looking at the stars.” Patrick was always looking at the stars, no matter what cards life dealt him. Thank you Patrick for your inspiration, for being a hymn to life.

Joshua Sinclair

Friend and Colleague of Buddy Swayze, Director, Writer, Producer, Physician

Patsy Swayze

Every Day, A Chance to Dance

I have written this book to honor and celebrate Patsy Swayze. I hope that reading the stories of some of her students, colleagues, and friends as to how they were influenced by her will showcase what an icon and trailblazer she was and the extent of her influence on them and on the world. Many of her students continue to carry forward her legacy by following in her giant dance footsteps.

Patsy was an icon in the dance and performing arts world for decades as a dancer, teacher, mentor, and choreographer. Her work includes founding the Houston Jazz Ballet, teaching at the University of Houston, running her own dance studios, and choreographing for Theatre, Incorporated, Playhouse Theatre, and Hollywood movies. She inspired thousands of dance students, many of whom went on to become professionals in the performing arts, and instilled in all students a strong work ethic and set of values. With that said, she was most proud of her family and thought her greatest achievement was being the mother of five children.

Of course, Patsy had one very famous student, her beloved son Patrick, known as “Buddy” to family and friends. The book will touch on the relationship between Patsy and Buddy. Another renowned student is Jaclyn Smith, who kindly granted a full-length interview about her experiences with Patsy. In her role as choreographer for Urban Cowboy, Patsy
taught dance steps to John Travolta, and that will be covered as well.

Patsy was a pioneer in opening her dance classes and her heart to all students, regardless of race, economic, or cultural background, and this was no small feat in the fifties and sixties in Houston. In addition, Patsy was known to be extremely philanthropic.

Patsy Swayze continues to touch the lives of multitudes of people, including mine, for which I am grateful.


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The Thirteenth Anniversary of the Passing of Patrick

Patrick, We love you and we miss you. We are grateful for your profound legacy and continue to be inspired by you.   Thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the first three books will be donated to the Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund at Stanford Cancer Institute.

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