Margaret Howden. President, Official Patrick Swayze International Fan Club. Scotland, UK

“Our Buddy Sue Tabashnik has recently published her book “Patrick Swayze – The Dreamer” … A portion of the proceeds from the sale of her book will be donated to the Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund at the Stanford Cancer Institute.

This book would be a wonderful gift for anyone who is a fan of Patrick and his work. It’s full of interviews and quotes from Patrick and the many, many people who worked with Patrick and also some of those who had the good fortune to know and meet him at some point in his life.

Sue has done an excellent job of shining a light on Patrick as a wonderful human being. Her book shows a side of Patrick that reveals him as a true visionary, a man with dreams. Patrick pursued his dreams all his life and encouraged others to do the very same. Reading it, I had a tear in my eye at many points in the book and I also found myself nodding at a lot of the stories and interviews contained therein. Fabulous work, Sue.”

Rebecca Williams. Rochester, MI

“Another wonderful read by Susan about a subject very close to my heart. The author’s passion seeps through the pages! One can’t help but wonder what more he may have had to share if cancer hadn’t taken him so soon. Congratulations on capturing his character and charm, and putting it into words.”

Holly Tuell. Green Bay, Wisconsin

“I just finished reading “Patrick Swayze The Dreamer” by Susan Tabashnik, and I absolutely loved it!!! This book shows a side of the actor that many people may not know. Having followed Patrick for years, as a fan, and later, as a member of the International Patrick Swayze Fan Club, I got to know that side somewhat.
But I know many of his fans never did. He was so much more than Johnny Castle, Dalton, Orry Main, Tiger Warsaw, Bohdi, Charlie Barker, or any of the many other characters he portrayed throughout his career. But…he put a piece of himself into every one of those roles. If you truly watch those characters, you can get a feel for Patrick Swayze The Dreamer…because he always felt that you could be whoever you wanted to be, that there was no dream too big to achieve. He championed for others, right up to and during his fight against pancreatic cancer. He never gave up, filming his new show, “The Beast” almost right up to the end of his life. He never asked for sympathy, despised pity, and lived much longer than his
doctors ever believed possible. I believe that was due to his incredible attitude, and never letting it win. I believe Patrick gained his true dream in the end….he went out on HIS terms, not the terms of the disease. His unbelievable courage and optimism are to be admired. And I, for one, feel so blessed to have known the man behind the actor…the dreamer was so much more!!! Thank You, Susan, for allowing others to learn about the man we knew…and still love!!! Patrick would be so very proud of this book…and YOU!!!
And, to all you future readers, prepare to not get very much done after you pick up this book and start reading it….I promise, you’ll find it VERY difficult to put it down!!!”

P. Mendoza. Sylmar, California

“Patrick Swayze The Dreamer is an awesome book and a very refreshing read – I couldn’t put it down. I found myself reading and re-reading various parts just to drink in the positiveness and the picture of Patrick that Susan paints for her readers. I highly recommend this book as it seems to connect to a deeper side of this amazing actor and dancer and it will refuel your passion for his work in film and as a performer – a great book to have!”

John Gifford. Myotherapist, Berkley, MI

“I greatly enjoy books written by authors that are passionate about their subject. My wife and I are huge fans of Dirty Dancing as well as Sue’s previous two books on the movie, and we were excited to see this book devoted to Patrick. He was a gift to humankind for sure. The author’s attention to detail is evident. Highly recommend!”

Carol Abbott. Plymouth, MI

“This is a must read! The author, Sue Tabashnik did justice to this book. Her compassion comes through and it feels like you really know Patrick. Very informative. I would highly recommend that you purchase this book. It’s such a good read, it’s captivating.”


“This is a must read book for all Patrick Swayze fans and anyone who has a dream. Drawing on behind the scenes insights into the life and ideas of Swayze, the author gives heartfelt inspiration that is sorely needed in these troubled times. Easy to read and memorable. Great quotes from Patrick like, ‘dreams are the fabric of the future’. If you have a dream, this will help you believe in yourself & make it happen.”

Teresa Hancock Plymouth, UK

“I’ve always been a huge Patrick Swayze fan. I’ve read other books about him and his autobiography, but this book was amazing. I just couldn’t put it down. I have read it twice now. This will always be one of my treasured books. Susan you wrote an amazing book. I enjoyed reading every page, so thank you.”

Joshua Sinclair. Director, Writer, Producer, Physician. Austria

“I just read your book. It’s a wonderful journey into the hopes, dreams,and sufferings of a great man. Throughout the book you show how Patrick fashioned his own life to conform with his spirituality and undying hope and resilience.”

D. Donovan. Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Sue Tabashnik has been an active member of the Official Patrick Swayze International Fan Club since 2000 and has written two prior books about Swayze that focus on the movie Dirty Dancing, so she’s in a good position to provide an authoritative biography of the man in her latest effort, recommended for any Patrick Swayze fan and for collections strong in entertainment history.

Patrick Swayze: The Dreamer expands the coverage beyond his entertainment achievements to consider all the roles he’s played in life; from that of husband, son, and brother to his battle with cancer and his encounters with fans in general and the author in particular.

Interview quotes from publications and peers, numerous color photos from his movies, and Swayze’s own reflections on his art and achievements (‘I’ve just always had a sense of what the world wants. Right now with this surface, shallow world of reality TV and everything worth believing in being devalued or laughed at, or if you have integrity ‘What’s wrong with you?’ I’ll never stop living my life by those clichés. You know, ‘Only the strong survive,’ ‘Nobody said it would be easy’, ‘Back up your mouth’ and ‘Give all you can because it will be returned.’) all contribute to a bigger-picture feel for the actor and his philosophy about life as a whole, lending a compelling intimacy to Patrick Swayze: The Dreamer that is hard to equal elsewhere.

The ideal reader will be a prior Swayze fan; but an in-depth knowledge of the man or his movies is not a prerequisite to enjoying this in-depth survey of his life and works, which pairs his upbringing and life events with the various influences that fostered his belief systems. The inclusion of the evolution of Tabashnik’s dream of meeting Patrick and how she came to be an avid fan of not only the movie Dirty Dancing but the extent of his work makes for almost as interesting a story as Swayze’s life, detailing the changes her interest in him brought to her own life.

Any Patrick Swayze fan will find this a wonderfully detailed account of not just his life events, but his personality, ideals, and the experiences of a woman who came to document his world.”

Dee Long. Editor, “Gotta Love It.” Bethlehem, PA. 

“The author has provided reader with a must-read book for die-hard fans of actor/dancer Patrick Swayze, and a wonderful introduction to his work and guiding philosophies to anyone not familiar with this popular celebrity who died much too young. Tabashnik has gathered a wide range of interviews, statements and anecdotes to reveal a man who was talented, gentle, giving and who never gave up. Getting to know Swayze through the eyes of the author can help inspire anyone who wants to not only pursue their dreams but also see their dreams come true.”

Mark Graham. Book Room Reviews

“Dreams are what we are made for to make them real. Patrick was a great believer. ‘Patrick Swayze The Dreamer’ is a nonfiction biography abo ut the actor, dancer, writer and leader. A brief summary of this book is as follows in which it covers his career, his family and his relationships both personally and professionally…Inside the book there are many color photographs of Patrick Swayze his family and professional associates…

My favorite parts of the book were the interview questions and the Patrick’s heartfelt and thoughtful answers that brought understanding in how he lived his life. ‘Patrick Swayze The Dreamer’ is a book that is honest and gives the reader a lot to think about. Patrick had his dreams and shared them with everyone. Patrick Swayze was and still is a teacher. This is also a very inspirational book about a man who was an inspiration of and to himself. After reading this book the reader will want to live their dreams and it is not about giving up and stand up for ourselves. This is also a book that is all about respect and be able to make certain connections in one and many ways. One must live a meaningful life to achieve happiness in one’s life. This is a five star read that could be used as part of a counseling/social work program dealing with various social issues that affect individuals and groups primarily dealing with grief in all of its forms.”

Mary Kiriazis. Canton, Michigan

“This book takes you on a journey through the incredible life of Patrick Swayze, exploring the many dreams he pursued and fulfilled in both his personal and professional life. It contains a treasure trove of quotes from Patrick as well as photos. I learned a lot about his strength and character and would definitely recommend this for anyone interested in the late great Patrick Swayze.”

Phyllis Scriver. Fort Benton, Montana

“I have this book. Bought it on Amazon when it first came out. I like the way it describes Patrick in each phase of his life, what he was doing at the times and how he felt. Such as the movie he was doing and what he felt about it. I like also the way the author describes her personal encounters with Patrick.”

Kate Farey. Australia

“I just finished reading Sue Tabashnik’s book, Patrick Swayze The Dreamer. I really enjoyed it, as it captured Patrick’s spirit tremendously. I recommend it to every Patrick fan out there.”

The Fans’ Love Story Encore

D. Donovan. Senior eBook Reviewer, MBR

“The Fans’ Love Story ENCORE: How the Movie Dirty Dancing Captured the Hearts of Millions! is a 2013 edition vastly expanded from the original 2010 appearance (to the point that 95 percent is brand new material, making this, for the most part, a new book) and includes new tributes, photos, and interviews that carry on the theme of being a tribute to the movie Dirty Dancing.
Of course, this means that an immediate prerequisite is a prior familiarity with the movie and an existing affection (perhaps even an infatuation) with its characters, plot, and dancing. Those with such feelings will find this a celebratory text packed with behind-the-scenes information on the producers, stars, and film team that includes an in-depth interview from producer Linda Gottlieb about its making, interviews and photos with story consultant and dancer Jackie Horner, and more.
There are exclusive set photos, there are insider tidbits of tantalizing information (and for more details, you’ll just have to read The Fans’ Love Story ENCORE), and a portion of the proceeds from this book’s sale will be donated to the Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund at Stanford.
With such motivations for enjoyment in mind, pre-existing fans will find this satisfying even if they have much familiarity with the film and its production.
Chapters offer articles and interviews from various individuals involved in the film, they pair black-and-white with color photos throughout, and they cover everything from dancing challenges and experts involved in specific scenes to how producers and actors became part of Dirty Dancing and, later, the cult attractions it fostered.
Any involved in the film-making industry will find this coverage leaves little to the imagination: even the experiences of extras -something typically omitted from film history books – are included.
Film history as well as general-interest collections will find this a fascinating, specific overview of not just how the movie was made, but the process whereby it was marketed to eventually reach millions of enthusiasts.”

Jane Brazier. United Kingdom

“A must for any Dirty Dancing fan. A wonderful tribute to Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swayze. The book is very well-written, beautifully laid out with great pictures that capture such a spirit of the film. It gives fascinating insight as to how the film was made. Sue has done another great job, a fabulous, highly recommended book.”

Jackie Horner. Story consultant, Dirty Dancing. Liberty, New York

“Wow! What a job you did. Just fabulous. Love you – love the book. Super great New Year gift! I now will cherish it and all of our memories.”

Bruce T.  Tucson, Arizona

“I highly recommend this book because it is loaded with great photos, detailed behind-the-scenes information, and heartfelt emotions from the author and other fans. It is great that a portion of the proceeds is being donated to Patrick’s Stanford pancreatic cancer research fund. If you are a fan of Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swayze, you will definitely enjoy this one-of-a-kind, special tribute book.”

Patt and Tom Rocks. Dance extras on the Dirty Dancing Lake Lure set. Spartanburg, South Carolina.

“Congratulations, kudos and BRAVO…. Your hard work and commitment to writing The Fans’ Love Story Encore is now a reality, on the shelves, and out there for all to enjoy! You must have such a sense of accomplishment! We thank you for your generous pages of sharing what was a lifetime adventure for us. We love reading it and consider it to be part of our history to pass along to the generations that follow in our family. DD is still a topic of interest and fascination with folks always wanting to hear about our involvement in this ‘little film’ that became a phenomenal success; is considered a cult film; and after 25 plus years still gives so much pleasure to so many. You have certainly given voice and insight for those who can’t get enough!”

Holly Tuell. Green Bay, Wisconsin

“I have been a member of the Official Patrick Swayze International Fan Club for quite a few years now, and met the author Sue Tabashnik through the fan club. I found out about her first book, The Fans’ Love Story, and immediately read it … and loved it! Then, she told me she was in the process of writing a sequel to her first book, and wanted to know if I would be willing to do an email interview about why I love Dirty Dancing and how it impacted my life. I told her I would love to … and the book is now here, and it’s wonderful! She did an absolutely wonderful tribute to the film AND Patrick, as well as the cast. I think Patrick would be VERY proud of what she’s done here. This book is a great behind-the-scenes story about the filming of the movie, as well as the aftermath. I especially enjoyed the interviews with the people from Mountain Lake Lodge. This book will make you want to sit down and watch the movie once again, with a whole new perspective. What a fantastic book, Sue! Thank you for the ‘Time of My Life’!”

Heidi. Brighton, MI

“I know your Encore book has been out for a while but I just got to reading it. I was hooked and read it cover to cover in a few hours. I really loved the interviews. Thanks for tracking down those wonderful people and sharing their experiences with us. I even got out the movie and hunted down the extras. It was so fun…. Thank you too for including my contribution. It means a lot to me to share with other fans. Even watching the movie for the some-hundredth time still makes me emotional.”

Mary Kiriazis. Canton, Michigan

“This book was an entertaining read from beginning to end! Filled with delightful interviews from many people involved with the movie’s creation, photos, and testimonials from fans of all ages. A must-have for any fan of the classic film and, of course, the late, great Patrick Swayze!”

Ingrid Mennella. Iverness, Florida

“Sue- Just finished reading your latest book…”The Fan’s Love Story Encore”; all I can say is WOW!. Loved the candid interviews and behind the scenes info on making the movie. Some of my impressions about the characters working together were validated. The inside stories are priceless. I can easily see how much time and love you devoted in researching this information. Thank you so much for an awesome, informative book! Congrats!”

Janelle Kelly. Anderson, Indiana

“The Fans’ Love Story Encore is a must read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swayze. So many wonderful tributes to the great Patrick Swayze. This is a very unique book. Thanks, Sue, for writing such a wonderful book.”

Alexandra Sewell. Detroit, Michigan

“Totally recommend! The book is full of great insider information! The author seems to really know her stuff. If you’re a Patrick Swayze fan, or a fan of the film Dirty Dancing, this book is a must-read!”

The Fans’ Love Story

Joshua Sinclair. Director, Writer, Producer of Jump!
and multiple other films and television shows,
Actor, Physician, Professor. Austria

“Your book is both great journalism and original writing. It is a very positive testament to Patrick and his life as an Artist and the impact it had on others.”

Deborah Tracey. Bridgwater, United Kingdom

“This little treasure took me on a wonderful journey to relive the magic of Dirty Dancing. Reading this book took me back to ‘that special feeling’ you get when watching the movie, and as an avid fan I still learnt a few new things. It was enjoyable to see Dirty Dancing through a new perspective from a wonderful collection of interviews with fans and various key people that experienced the filming at Mountain Lake. A wonderful tribute to Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swayze who captured many hearts around the world, and this was summed up beautifully within the pages from beginning to end.”

Clare Gregan. Preston, United Kingdom

“A truly wonderful, inspirational read that will be enjoyed by many! An amazing lady with a very special talent whom I’m glad to call a friend. Thank you, Sue, for helping me and others to relive our very special memories of a truly wonderful man, Patrick Swayze!!”

Elly Ali. Melbourne, Australia

“I really appreciate it, seeing myself in there and what I had written felt almost surreal to me but I’m proud and so glad I did it. It will definitely be something I can hold on to forever and share it with everyone who is close to me. I really want everyone to know just how much Dirty Dancing impacted my life tremendously and how it inspired me to get out there and follow my dreams.”

Quentin Calvert. Berkley, Michigan

“This is a book written by a true fan for fans. This book will help you recapture the feelings of the first viewing. The author lets the fans of the movie and some of the principles express their own unique perspectives. The reader can tell it is a labor of love through and through.”

Midwest Book Review

“Patrick Swayze captured the hearts of millions with dirty dancing twenty years ago. The Fans’ Love Story: How the Movie Dirty Dancing Captured the Hearts of Millions explores the fans fascination with the work and how it made them life long fans of Swayze and the film. As Sue Tabashnik interviews fans to get an idea of why the film gained so much popularity, and much more, The Fans’ Love Story is of strong interest to any fan of the film, highly recommended.”

Debbie Wallerstein. Deerfield Beach, Florida

“Wow! Sue, you did an amazing thing! You should be so very proud of your work and of the gift you gave to all of us who participated in your labor of love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to so many people who share my depth of connection to Baby, Johnny, and the entire Dirty Dancing experience.”

Ingrid Mennella. Inverness, Florida

“Every Dirty Dancing or Patrick Swayze fan will want this book. It is filled with insights on the movie and Patrick from many different perspectives. Personal accounts from people behind the scenes along with photos of the movie location give the reader a sense of being there. Fans’ comments and personal observations from people who were there during production help to round out this wonderful reading experience and brings fans a little closer to knowing Patrick as a person.”

Crystal Berger. Birch Bay, Washington

“A beautiful tribute to Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swayze. Anyone who loves Patrick should get this book.”

Rosemarie Ravenelle. Putnam, Connecticut

“Wonderful, well written, interesting & fun to read. So many extras, very informative. A ‘must’ for every Patrick Swayze and Dirty Dancing fan. Highly recommended.”

Holly Tuell. Green Bay, Wisconsin

“I had purchased this book some time ago and read it from cover to cover. I loved it! THEN, the second volume was released, The Fans’ Love Story Encore. Sue Tabashnik, the author, had sent me an email, telling me she was in the process of writing the new book, and she asked for my review of the movie Dirty Dancing. Needless to say, I said yes, and then eagerly awaited the finished product. When I had it in my hands, I thought, ‘To do this one justice, I need to go back and re-read the first book, and follow it up immediately with the new one!’ So that’s what I did. I enjoyed the book even more the second time around, realizing things in it that somehow I had missed the first time! And, going right into the second book, I felt like I was part of the crew and the filming of the movie. I felt I got to know Patrick and Jennifer better, as well as Johnny and Baby.

I highly recommend this book, and IF you haven’t read the new one yet, DON’T until you’ve read this book! You’ll appreciate the experience all the more for it! Sue takes you right to Mountain Lake Lodge and right into the midst of the filming and the cast and crew. What a great read!”

Baerbel von Scheven. Germany

“I have to admit that at first I was a bit skeptical, thinking, What is left to write in addition to all that has already been said before about this wonderful movie? But this book is such an excellent MUST-HAVE addition for every true Dirty Dancing / Patrick Swayze fan! It conveys so much extra info and insights of people who were close to the filming of this movie in one way or another as well as thoughts and emotions of so many different people from all over the world. I am sure the next time I will be watching Dirty Dancing, I will view it with different eyes, having in mind so many new perspectives! Great job, Sue—thank you very much for this detailed overview on one of my favorite films! Wish you every success and all the appreciation your labor of love definitely deserves!”

Mary Kiriazis. Canton, Michigan

“Sue has used her social work/people skills and compassion to really connect with the fans and people who worked in one way or another with this classic movie. The book is a wonderful touching story and tribute to Dirty Dancing and Patrick.”

Jan Griffith. Elgin, Texas

“This book is a must have for any Patrick Swayze and/or Dirty Dancing fan! The interviews with the people involved with the film are fantastic and give you a rare glimpse into the world of Dirty Dancing and the Catskills. The book also reminds us all of that magical moment when we found our first love. Feel the magic of the movie again and see how it touched and continues to touch lives all over the world.”

The Fans' Love Story ENCORE - Winner of Gold Medal Global Ebook Awards 2014


The Fans' Love Story ENCORE - Finalist National Indie Excellence Awards 2014


PATRICK SWAYZE The Dreamer - Finalist National Indie Excellence Awards 2018

PATRICK SWAYZE The Dreamer Finalist - Book Excellence Awards 2018

PATRICK SWAYZE The Dreamer - Finalist Best Book Awards 2018


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The Twelfth Anniversary of the Passing of Patrick

Patrick, We love and miss you. We are grateful for your awesome legacy. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund at Stanford Cancer Institute.


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