Patrick Swayze, the beloved dancer, actor, singer, songwriter, producer, choreographer, family man, athlete, horseman, and more, had a diversified career in the arts world for over thirty-five years. He often played hero roles in his work and spoke about traditional values such as honor, integrity, morality, passion, faith, and love. He was always searching for meaning in his life and trying to give to others some joy or sense of purpose or meaning. During his hard-fought and inspirational battle against pancreatic cancer, he became a real-life hero to millions of people. Patrick was taken too soon, but his remarkable spirit and enormous legacy will always shine bright.

Discover how his focus on dreams for himself and others sustained him and guided him to live a zest-filled and hopeful life even while dealing with great adversity. Honor and celebrate Patrick while reading about his career, his connection with his family, and his involvement in advocacy for dance, cancer advances, and conservation. Learn what his professional colleagues and fans have to say about him. Finally, get a look at what I think Patrick would say to us now.

Enjoy approximately thirty color photos throughout the book which include Patrick from his various movie and television roles, rarely seen photos from appearances, and more.

Read Patrick’s own words which have been compiled from multiple media sources throughout the years.

For more information about PATRICK SWAYZE The Dreamer and the author’s two books on Dirty Dancing, please go to the author website:

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